Week Of Doom

Week Of Doom is a game a wise wizard fighting against evil for 7 days. The wizard, played by the player, can cast spells, craft magical beacons and traps to protect his base and find new spells. His power is based on the elementals. This power comes from everywhere around him and from inside him. The player has to use the elements of the terrain to boost his power and level up to be able to use more of his inner power. In the end the player needs to destroy the enemy base before being destroyed himself.

  • Project: Week Of Doom
  • My Role: everything
  • Development Time: 2 weeks
  • Current Status: polishing
  • Tools Used: Unity3D, Microsoft Visual Studio, Photoshop
  • Language: C#
Unity Web Player | GodIWantMyDogBack

Unity Web Player | Week of Doom

Version 2.0

A lot of ideas, but little time. That's why I want to work on the following ideas for this game in the future.

  • More spells available
  • Make player able to reach higher level
  • Better AI, building traps and beacons by themself and following the player nicely
  • Day and night cycle
  • Delay for crafting and give player experience points
  • End the game with an epic boss!

Trying to balance

After finishing the first version, it turned out that it was no fun at all. It was really bad balanced and nobody was really able to play the game at all. I tested with a few friends and came up with the following main improvements.

  • Respawn player at base if he dies, game over if player base is destroyed
  • Protect the enemy base with a few beacons and traps
  • Make health and damage of player and enemies depend on player level


Mechanations is a framework which helps to balance the economy in your game. Personally, I had a great experience with it and it really helpt me figure out how everything would fit together. I could play around with variables and timing and see how it worked out. But I found it hard to determine if my game was really 'balanced'. When I started to build my game I could take the values from mechanations and implement them easily. Than I tweaked it a bit, till it seemed nice.
I guess it was good to first visualize your concept in mechanations and it really helpt designing my game. But I have to learn to work better with it before I can really create a balanced game play with it.

Elemental matrix

After getting confused over and over again, I just had to make a clear matrix explaining which element would overcome which. I thought of multiple ways to order the elements. In the first place I thought of Summoners War, a game I like to play on my mobile. But they just implemented three elements. Second I thought of Avatar The Last Airbender, but I remembered that there was no particular strong element against another. The best option to draw inspiration from was Pokémon, but they actually have way to many elements, which made it unift my elements. In the end I figured out the matrix right from this text. I think it turned out good and I'm glad I finally have this matrix to peek on if I forget the right order again.

Map Ideas

I have multiple ideas for designing a map. The map must represent multiple elemental terrains. Each element will influence the player and enemies. The simplest solution would be to have a big square, divide it in four smaller squares and pick an element for each of them.

  • First idea: Four squares, each different element
  • Second idea: Random map, randomly scattered parts of terrain
  • Last idea: Draw map, because of time limit

Gameplay Diagram

The gameplay diagram represents the mechanics, progression and narrative. It's a handy tool to keep a clear overview of the main idea.

  • Core Mechanic: Cast Spells
  • Secondairy Mechanic: Destroy Enemy Base, Explore, Craft
  • Progression: Process By Leveling
  • Narrative: Protect Yourself From The Week Of Doom


I'm starting of with this new project with a brainstorm. I worked a few short sessions on it taking breaks in between, because I found it hard to come up with a concept for this theme. It really helpt to talk to other people about my idea and it's because of that I constantly found new elements for my game and saw the pieces fall into place.