Racconito was one of the three game jam concepts for project Game Development. The theme was incognito. We came up with a raccoon, the player, trying to steal trash. When the raccoon makes too much noise while gather trash, the owner of the house will try to catch the raccoon. The raccoon has to steal as much trash and hide when the owner comes to get through the night.
I really liked the concept and decided to add a few extra's and fix the bugs in my summer holiday's.

  • Project: Racconito
  • My Role: game play programmer
  • Development Time: In September 2015 was the game jam, further work done in July 2016
  • Current Status: finished prototype
  • Tools Used: Unity3D Engine, Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Language: C#

The ideas

We managed to realize a prototype of our concept in only one afternoon. Ofcourse there were more ideas:

  • Multiple levels with different challenges
  • Communicate effects of trash clear to the player
  • Add more buffs, debuffs


We liked the idea of a raccoon for the theme 'incognito'. The player controls the raccoon that tries to steal some nice food from trashcans. Good trash will give the player power ups or more time to steal other trash, but bad trash will result in negative effects. Also the player must avoid the person living in the house. The more noise the player makes, the bigger the chance the person will come and check. Don't get cached!