God I Want My Dog Back

God I Want My Dog Back is the story about Little Boy, who lost his dog. Little Boy wants to go to heaven and get his dog back. That's how he starts his journey through the clouds all the way up to heaven to ask God if he can please get his dog back. But the road is hard to find and the player has to explore his explore his surroundings to find little angels who are willing to help him.

  • Project: God I Want My Dog Back
  • My Role: everything
  • Development Time: 2 weeks
  • Current Status: finished
  • Tools Used: Unity3D, Microsoft Visual Studio, Photoshop
  • Language: C#
Unity Web Player | GodIWantMyDogBack

Unity Web Player | God I Want My Dog Back

Version 2.0

A lot of ideas, but little time. That's why I want to work on the following ideas for this game in the future.

  • Multiple areas (earth, clouds, heaven) with each a few levels and maybe even minibosses!
  • Enemies and obstacles, like demons and thunderclouds
  • More angels with power-ups, like speed boost, double jump, wall jump and hoover
  • Storyline
  • Horziontal windtunnels
  • Ability to unable windtunnels


My testers played better than I expected, it actually went really well. They liked the looks and feel of the game. They understood the concept of windtunnels pretty good, but they struggled with the next few elements:

  • Standing on clouds
  • Using the 'Super Angle'
  • Bugging on spikes
With this in mind I'm ready to improve my game for the last time before the delivery.

Level Design

Designing the level was a fun thing to do. I tried to make a way up to 'heaven' for the player without giving him the option to go directly. I made a few cases where the player finds a not actived windtunnel, causing him to go back a bit to get an angel. I also spread spikes through the whole level which will definitly damage the player and make it harder to get all the angels. I thought hard and deep about the placement of the checkpoints and the hearts. To balance this well, I let some friends come over and made them play a few parts of the level. That made me able to determine which parts of the level were hard for them and where to give them an extra life.

Result First Prototype

I feel good about the result of the first prototype. The core mechanic seems to work pretty well. The player got a few animations and I added particles to the angel and the windtunnel to make their purpose clearer. While making this prototype I got some nice ideas for parts of a level.
I let some people 'play' - there isn't that much to play with yet - my prototype and they found it very clear what they had to do so far. I'm glad my tester understood how the windtunnels work and how to trigger them.

First Prototype

For my first prototype I'm gonna play with my physics ideas. The physic I want to implement is wind from the tunnels. I gathered a few sprites from OpenGameArt.com and put a tiny level together. Most important is the core mechanic: the ability to float on the wind tunnels. I want the player to be able to turn this tunnel on. This is because he should find a windtunnel and than go find the trigger. Ofcourse he doesn't need to search for the trigger in this prototype, because the level is very small. The trigger will be a little angel, who will follow the player after being triggered and stops following when the player reaches a windtunnel. This will cause the windtunnel to be active. Setting this up will be the goal for the first prototype.

Gameplay Diagram

The gameplay diagram represents the mechanics, progression and narrative. It's a handy tool to keep a clear overview of the main idea.

  • Core Mechanic: Explore
  • Secondairy Mechanic: Activate Wind
  • Progression: Process Through Areas (Earth, Clouds, Heaven)
  • Narrative: Get Your Dog Back From Heaven


Little Boy had a best friend, Dog. But one day Dog died and left Little Boy all alone. He asked Mom why Dog left him alone. She told him Dog didn't wanted to go, but he had to. It was his time and that's why he had to go to this beautiful place, called heaven. Little Boy decided that God couldn't just take his best friend and he would get Dog back from him!
Little Boy begins his journey to heaven on earth. But quickly he makes his way up to the clouds and finally he reaches heaven. He met God, who didn't want to give Dog back. Little Boy was furious.
In the end Little Boy defeated God with the power of his friendship and got his Dog back. This time for good.


The first thing to do is brainstorm! I opened Paint and started thinking about ideas for my game. I had already thought of a basic idea. The idea was to make a platformer game with special wind physics. While brainstorming I thought of making the player go up, maybe he even went to heaven. All other ideas came easily after that.