Castaway Conquest

Castaway Conquest is a tower-offence game in which the player can spawn and switch boats in order to destory the enemy towers. I made a series of prototypes for my internship at Stolen Couch Games. The prototypes focused on improving the basic game play and achieve the required performances for the iPad2.
I had an amazing time with this team and learned alot about the Unity3D Engine, game play programming and optimization. Even though school learned me so much, this internship was the most valuable of all the things I experienced last two years.

  • Project: Castaway Conquest prototyping
  • My Role: programmer
  • Development Time: Februari 2016 - July 2016
  • Current Status: finished
  • Tools Used: Unity3D Engine, Visual Studio, TortoiseSVN
  • Language: C#


My C# skills improved a lot thanks to my internship. Not only did I learn to program new mechanics and made my first 3D game, I also learned to improve the performance and readability of my code. My code is way cleaner than it was before.
I also optimized my prototype for the iPad2 to see the effects of my code and prove it. It was very valuable to see the effects of 3D models, textures, but also my code.


At my internship I worked on a set of prototypes to improve the game play. I worked together with Stolen Couch Games' design and learned about all the aspects that affect good game play. I liked how the game got better and better with clear feedback and interesting mechanics.
At first it was hard for me to work with a designer. I never had someone that told me how the game should work. I just made what I designed myself or with a team and if it seemed way to impossible, we could adjust the design. It was a real challange to made the game work the way they wanted it work, but it was fun and very valuable.