Boomerang Boy

Boomerang Boy is a game about a little boy living in the jungle with his boomerang tribe. One day his father dies from his wounds and he inherits his father's golden boomerang. Only a few seconds later a monkey mistakes the boomerang for a banana and steals it from Boomerang Boy. That is how his search through the jungle for his golden boomerang starts.
I worked with a team of five on this game for project Game Development. It was our first time working with Unity and it was exciting to learn about all the possiblities we had with Unity. We worked very hard and put a game together with storyline, multiple boss fights and a challenging mechanic.

  • Project: Boomerang Boy
  • My Role: game programmer with focus on enemy and boss AI
  • Development Time: September 2015 - January 2016
  • Current Status: finished
  • Tools Used: Unity3D Engine, Microsoft Visual Studio, SourceTree
  • Language: C#

New skills, amazing results

I'm impressed by the results. Every member of the team learned so much new techniques and worked together in a very motivating way. We overwon some issues, communication and technical issues.

I learned about programming AI in a game, design, teamwork and game play programming.

Enemy AI

I made the 'Bird' and 'Gorilla' boss monsters. I used a FSM to implement their behaviour. It was my first time I programmed AI like this in a game. The design of the FSM, the implementation and tweaking the bosses was very informative and fun.

It was hard to get all the different states and their transactions right. At first the design was tough to get interesting and challenging, but when I had a good design it was very complex for my first FSM. In the end it all turned out great and I feel really proud.

My Monkeys

Monkeys are the enemies of the main character and so the team decided to make multiple monkeys. The different colors of the monkeys indicate their behaviour types. We designed the behaviour togethere and I implemented it.

It was a good thing that I could practice on the monkeys, since the implementation of the boss monsters would be pretty hard.